What is a dental implant

Modern implants are the result of sophisticated medical research and the most up-to-date bio-engineering that have established the effectiveness of osseo-integration. Similarly to vital organ transplants such as the heart or as with bone replacements, (e.g. the hip), the medical world has applied this extensive know-how to dentistry, bringing it the same high levels.

Implants are available in various designs, shape and sizes that adapt to all personal and therapeutic requirements. The most commonly used is the titanium pillar. Totally biocompatible, it does not provoke rejection, fusing comfortably with the mandibular and jaw bones. A titanium implant abutment is then screwed onto the pillar and topped with a ceramic tooth, made-to-measure by specialized dental technicians. When a new ceramic tooth is completed and positioned on the implant, it completely blends in with the adjacent natural teeth.

  • DENTAL IMPLANTS enable you to eat and taste your favourite foods
  • They are the best and most natural way to prevent bone consumption following natural tooth loss.
  • Scientific research has proved that prostheses supported by implants improve the well-being of patients.
  • Many social activities involve smiling, the pleasure of eating and physical well-being associated with healthy eating.

Our dental surgery in Bologna can provide you with further clarification on dental implants. The knowledge and experience of an expert in dental implants is of vital importance: not all dentists have experience in this particular specialisation.