Titanium dental implants

Medical research in the last few decades has provided a number of certainties, among which the scientific proof concerning the effectiveness of osseo-integration using materials such as titanium. This is the case with dental implants. A natural tooth that is lost due to traumatic or pathological reasons can today be replaced with an implant in titanium, an exceptionally resistant and biocompatible material.
The implant becomes the new root onto which a pillar is screwed, in titanium or other materials. Onto this the new tooth is attached: essential for chewing and externally visible. Made of porcelain, a material that is thoroughly resistant to the pressure of chewing, it has a phenomenal esthetic effect. Dental laboratories specialized in ceramics for teeth can imitate perfectly the natural beauty of adjacent teeth so that the new tooth merges perfectly with the rest of the smile.

In 1969, in Sweden, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark and his colleagues proved the scientific value of osteo-integration. This consists in a true connection between human or animal bone and titanium. Since 1969 millions of implants in titanium have been positioned worldwide and, in the last 42 years, millions of people have received a third dentition, following milk teeth and adult teeth. Dental implants, the third dentition, are still performing efficiently in the smiles of these millions of people. A epic accomplishment in human science. In 42 years we can boast an impressive 98% success rate for dental implants: a truly phenomenal ratio.