Dr. di Grazia’s surgery

The treatments offered by Dr. di Grazia’s surgery include general dentistry, paediatric dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontics, implantology, prosthetic treatments, preventive treatment and cosmetic surgery.

Reception: we receive our patients by appointment. Please call (+39) 051 242301 or send an e-mail to: info@dentistabologna.com.

First visit: before examining a new patient’s mouth and teeth, we sit down and establish his/her specific needs and requests and assess his/her general medical history, in order to identify any existing conditions that could be of relevance during treatment.
All check-ups and treatments, from the simplest to the most complex, are carried out in a completely clean and sterile environment.
The dental chair, all surfaces and equipment are carefully covered in cellophane which is removed and replaced at the end of each session and disposed of in special waste bins. Throwaway sterile gloves are also worn. This procedure guarantees, for each patient, maximum hygiene at all times.

Sterilization: all instruments that come into contact with the patient are either disposable or single use. Non disposable instruments are sterilized after each use using high pressure saturated steam at over 130°C and approximately 2 atmospheres. The autoclave and all machinery used in the surgery undergo professional periodical check-ups and are updated using certified protocols authorized by the local Health Service department (USL).

“The team” is composed of trained and motivated professionals who regularly participate in refresher and theoretical and practical improvement courses. We work to the best of our abilities, so as to guarantee patients the same level of medical treatment that we would like to be always offered to ourselves.